2014. január 11., szombat

Iraq 75 (2013)

A tartalomból:

Karel Nováček, Narmin Ali Muhammad Amin and Miroslav Melčák: A Medieval City Within Assyrian Walls: The Continuity of the Town of Arbīl in Northern Mesopotamia

Peter A. Miglus et al.: Excavation at Bakr Awa 2010 and 2011

Jason Ur et al.: Ancient Cities and Landscapes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: The Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey 2012 Season

Brett Thorn and Dominique Collon: Dr Lee’s Collection of Cylinder Seals

Lisa Cooper: Archaeology and Acrimony: Gertrude Bell, Ernst Herzfeld and the Study of Pre-Modern Mesopotamia

J. C. Fincke: “If a Star Changes into Ashes. . .” A Sequence of Unusual Celestial Omens

R. Pirngruber: The Historical Sections of the Astronomical Diaries in Context: Developments in a Late Babylonian Scientific Text Corpus

Kathryn Stevens: Secrets in the Library: Protected Knowledge and Professional Identity in Late Babylonian Uruk

Nathan Wasserman: Treating Garments in the Old Babylonian Period: “At the Cleaners” in a Comparative View

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