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Call for papers: Along the northern Mesopotamian frontier

Along the northern Mesopotamian frontier:
The upper Tigris region and its surrounding regions during the Early Bronze Age
(3100-2000 BCE)

Roundtable, XX EAA, ISTANBUL 10-14 September 2014
Organizers: Tuba Okse (Kocaeli University) and Nicola Laneri (Catania University)

For northern Mesopotamia, the third millennium BCE represents a period of great transformation characterized by phenomena of increasing social complexity. In particular, archaeologists have encountered a transformation of settlement patterns in this region, with the presence of small-to-medium sized centers during the first half of the millennium and an increasing presence of urban environments during its second half. In particular, it is during the Akkadian period that the whole northern frontier is characterized by a process of territorial conquests enacted by the Akkadian kings, as is demonstrated by the presence of archaeological correlates linked to such imperial endeavors found scattered in the region. Within this landscape, therelationship between Mesopotamia proper (i.e., northern Syria and Iraq) and its northern frontier (i.e., southeast Turkey) has never been thoroughly investigated.

Thus, this round-table aims at investigating the relationships between the different groups inhabiting the northern Mesopotamian frontier with a particular focus on confronting the data emerging from the recent excavations enacted along the upper Tigris regions with the Mesopotamian chronological framework recently established by the ARCANE work group.

If you are interested in participating, please submit an abstract using the following link:

The round-table is under the general theme: T06 Retrieving and Interpreting the Archaeological Record

Deadline for submitting an abstract: January 27th 2014

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