2014. január 6., hétfő

Cikkek innen-onnan

Journal for Semitics 22/2 (2013)
  • Z. Kotzé: The evil eye and agoraphobia in the Maqlū-series
  • S.J. van Wyk: A new translation of an Old Babylonian Sippar division agreement between brothers and a sister regarding their communally-shared inheritance
  • R. van Dijk: The use of bucrania in the architecture of First Dynasty Egypt.

D. Kaniewski et al.: Early urban impact on Mediterranean coastal environments. Science Reports 3/3540 (2013).

C. Thompson - S. Skaggs: King Solomon's Silver? Southern Phoenician Hacksilber Hoards and the Location of Tarshish. Internet Archaeology 35 (2013).

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