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J. A. Hill, Ph. Jones, A. J. Morales (eds.): Experiencing Power, Generating Authority. Cosmos, Politics, and the Ideology of Kingship in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

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E. Morris: Propaganda and Performance at the Dawn of the State

D. Charpin: "I am the Sun of Babylon": Solar aspects of royal power in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia

E. Frahm: Rising Suns and Falling Stars: Assyrian Kings and the Cosmos

L. D. Morenz: Texts before Writing: Reading (Proto-)Egyptian Poetics of Power

J. A. Scurlock: Images of Tammuz: The Intersection of Death, Divinity, and Royal Authority in Ancient Mesopotamia

J. C. M. García: Building the Pharaonic state: Territory, Elite and Power in Ancient Egypt in the Third millennium BCE

W. Sallaberger: The Management of the Royal Treasure: Palace Archives and Palatial Economy in the Ancient Near East

M. Bárta: Egyptian Kingship During the Old Kingdom

B. Pongratz-Leisten:  All The King's Men: Authority, Kingship, and The Rise	of the Elites in Assyria

D. Bruce Dickson: Kingship as Racketeering: The Royal Tombs and Death Pits at Ur, Mesopotamia, Reinterpreted from the Standpoint of Conflict Theory

M. Roaf: Mesopotamian Kings and the Built Environment

A. B. Lloyd: Chapter 12. Expeditions to the Wadi Hammamat: Context and Concept

M. A. Ataç:  "Imaginal" Landscapes in Assyrian Imperial Monuments

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