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Cultures in Contact

J. Aruz, S. B. Graff, Y. Rakic (eds.): Cultures in Contact: From Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean in the Second Millennium B.C. New York

A tartalomból:

The First International Age

An Amorite Global Village: Syrian-Mesopotamian Relations in the Second Millennium B.C. (Glenn M. Schwartz)

Actual Imports or Just Ideas? Investigations in Anatolia and the Caucasus (Karen S. Rubinson)

Aegean-Near East Relations in the Second Millennium B.C. (Eric H. Cline)

Contacts: Crete, Egypt, and the Near East circa 2000 B.C. (Malcolm H. Wiener)

Maritime Trade

Seafaring in Ancient Egypt: Cedar Ships, Incense, and Long-Distance Voyaging (Cheryl Ward)

International Exchange during the Late Second Millennium B.C.: Microarcheological Study of Finds from the Uluburun Ship (Yuval Goren)

Cape Gelidonya Redux (George F. Bass)

Interpreting the Archaeological Evidence

From Tell Sianu to Qatna: Some Common Features of Inland Syrian and Levantine Cities in the Second Millennium B.C. Material for the Study of the City in Syria (Part Three) (Michel Al-Maqdissi)

When Were the Hurrians Hurrian? The Persistence of Ethnicity in Urkesh (Giorgio Buccellati)

Ebla: Recent Excavation Results and the Continuity of Syrian Art (Paolo Matthiae)

The Elephant Hunters of Bronze Age Syria (Peter Pfälzner)

Tracing Sidon's Mediterranean Networks in the Second Millennium B.C.: Receiving, Transmitting, and Assimilating. Twelve Years of British Museum Excavations (Claude Doumet-Serhal)

Recent Excavations at Alalakh: Throne Embellishments in Middle Bronze Age Level VII (K. Aslihan Yener)

Art and Interaction: Wall Paintings

The Procession of "Asiatics" at Beni Hasan (Janice Kamrin)

The Near Eastern Contribution to Aegean Wall Painting and Vice Versa (Robert B. Koehl)

Akrotiri, Thera: Reflections from the East (Christos G. Doumas)

The Impact of Minoan Art on Egypt and the Levant: A Glimpse of Palatial Art from the Naval Base of Peru-nefer at Avaris (Manfred Bietak)

The Qatna Wall Paintings and the Formation of Aegeo-Syrian Art (Peter Pfälzner)

Art and Interaction: Furnishings and Adornment

Seals and the Imagery of Interaction (Joan Aruz)

Of Banquets, Horses, and Women in Late Bronze Age Ugarit (Annie Caubet)

Bibru and Rhyton: Zoomorphic Vessels in the Near East and Aegean (Robert B. Koehl)

The Art of Ivory Carving in the Second Millennium B.C. (Marian H. Feldman)

Ornaments of Interaction: Jewelry in the Late Bronze Age (Kim Benzel)

Remarks on Internationalism: The Non-Textual Data (Christine Lilyquist)

Literary Evidence for Interaction

Beyond Babylonian Literature (Martin Van De Mieroop)

Under the Spell of Babylon: Mesopotamian Influence on the Religion of the Hittites (Gary Beckman)

From Pictograph to Pictogram: The Solarization of Kingship in Syro-Anatolia and Assyria (Beate Pongratz-Leisten)

Closing Remarks

"Beyond Babylon": Closing Remarks (Jack M. Sasson)

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