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UF 43 (2011) [2013]

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Noga Ayali-Darshan: The Meaning of Hyn dḥrš ydm in Light of a Parallel from Emar

Krzysztof J. Baranowski: The Ugaritic Vocative in Light of the Akkadian of Ugarit

Stefan Bojowald: Notizen zu einigen Verwandtschaften zwischen ägyptischen und semitischen Redewendungen

Stefan Bojowald: Zum Königstitel „König der Ewigkeit“ in der ugaritischen und ägyptischen Sprache

Guy Bunnens / John M. Russell: A Bit-Hilani at Til Barsib? Clarifications and further evidence

Elyahu Cohen-Sasson / Johnathan Yogev / Shamir Yona: Why does the Word tlt (“Three”) mean “Copper” in Ugaritic?

Manfried Dietrich / Oswald Loretz: Sprecher und Gegner in den Schlangenbeschwörungen KTU 1.169 (RIH 78/20) und KTU 1.178 (RS 92.2014). Ein Nachtrag

Meindert Dijkstra: Ishtar seduces the Sea-serpent. A new join in the epic of Hedammu (KUB 36, 56+95) and its meaning for the battle between Baal and Yam in Ugaritic tradition

Avraham Faust: The Israelites and the Sea. Ecology, World Views and Coastal Settlements

Israel Finkelstein / Ido Koch / Oded Lipschits: The Biblical Gilead. Observations on Identifications, Geographic Divisions and Territorial History

Salvatore Gaspa: The rab ginā’e’s Administrative Unit at Work. A Quantitative Study on the Provision of Foodstuffs in the Middle Assyrian Period in the Evidence of the Tabular Lists

Katie M. Heffelfinger: The Sick I Will Strengthen for You: KTU 1.13 and Lyric Poetics

Szabolcs Ferencz Kató: El und/oder Baal? Eine religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung der Stellungen Els und Baals im Baal-Zyklus

Ernst Axel Knauf / Hermann Michael Niemann: Tell el-Far’ah South Ostracon 1027 and a New Identification for the Site

Nadav Na’aman: The Inscriptions of Kuntillet ’Ajrud Through the Lens of Historical Research

Hermann Michael Niemann: Observations on the Layout of Iron Age Samaria – A Reply to Israel Finkelstein

Françoise Rougemont: Oil at Nuzi and in the Linear B Records: A First Step Towards a Comparative Study

JoAnn Scurlock: Death and the Maidens. A New Interpretive Framework for KTU 1.23

Josef Tropper: Hebräisch ‘elläh als Relativpronomen

Jordi Vidal: Ugarit at War (4). Weapons in Sanctuaries

D.R. West: Aqhat, Aktaion and Agdistis. A Review of the Mythological Evidence Discussed by M.C. Astour

Fred C. Woudhuizen: The Largest Cretan Hieroglyphic Seal

Johnathan Yogev / Shamir Yona: Reading between the Lines. Some Notes on KTU 1.114 (RS 24.258)

Anabel Zarzecki-Peleg / Ruhama Bonfil: Hazor – A Syrian City-State in Mitanni’s Orbit?

Thomas Schneider: The Philistine Language. New Etymologies and the Name “David”

D. Pardee: On the Published Representation in the Early Third Millennium A.D. of Ugaritic Tablet Copies: The Case of RS 15.117

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