2013. május 6., hétfő


R. D. Holmstedt - A. Schade (eds.): Linguistic Studies in Phoenician. In Memory of J. Brian Peckham. Winona Lake, 2013

A tartalom:

Phoenico-Punic, The View Backwards: Phonology vs. Palaeography (Robert M. Kerr)

The Road Not Taken: An Independent Object Pronoun in Cebel Ires Dagi 7A-7B? (Paul G. Mosca)

On Negation in Phoenician (Na’ama Pat-El)

The Phoenician Words mškb and 'rr in the Royal Inscription of Kulamuwa (KAI 24.14–15) and the Body Language of Peripheral Politics (Philip C. Schmitz)

The Syntax and Pragmatics of Subject Pronouns in Phoenician (Robert D. Holmstedt)

Fronted Word-Order in Phoenician Inscriptions (Aaron Schade)

The “Narrative Infinitive” in Phoenician and its Background: A Discourse Analysis Approach (Andrés Piquer Otero)

The Linguistic Position of Old Byblian (Holger Gzella)

Phoenician Case in Typological Context (Rebecca Hasselbach)

A Brief Case for the Language of the ‘Gezer Calendar’ as Phoenician (D. Pardee)

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