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Fs. Muhly

Vasiliki Kassianidou - George Papasavvas (szerk.): Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy in the Second Millennium BCOxbow Books, 2011

A tartalomból:

Metallurgical production and trade on Bronze Age Cyprus: views and variations (A. B. Knapp)

On the cessation of local copper production in the Aegean in the 2nd millennium BC (Y. Bassiakos - T. Tselios)

Late Bronze Age Alalakh and Cyprus: a relationship of metals? (A. K. Yener)

The evidence for metallurgical workshops of the 2nd millennium in Ugarit (E. Dardaillon)

The merchants of Ugarit: oligarchs of the Late Bronze Age trade in metals? (C. Bell)

A unique casting mould from the new excavations at Timna Site 30 (Israel): evidence of western influence? (E. Ben-Yosef)

New perspectives on Iron Age copper production and society in the Faynan region, Jordan (T. Levy, E. Ben-Yosef and M. Najjar)

Alloying and resource management in New Kingdom Egypt: the bronze industry at Qantir – Pi-Ramesse and its relationship to Egyptian copper sources (T. Rehren - E. B. Pusch)

On ancient tin, its sources and trade: further comments (V. C. Pigott)

Just a few rusty bits: the innovation of iron in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC (H. A. Veldhuijzen)

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