2012. március 25., vasárnap

Fs. Zuckerman

M. J. Lundberg - S. Fine - W. T. Pirard (eds.): Puzzling Out the PastStudies in Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures in Honor of Bruce Zuckerman. Culture and History of the Ancient Near East. 55 Leiden, 2012

A tartalomból:

Methodological Principles in Determining that the So-Called Jehoash Tablet is Inauthentic (Edward Greenstein)

An Inscribed Arrowhead of a Crown Prince of Babylon (P. Kyle McCarter, Jr.)

New Lighting on the Amarna Letters (Anson Rainey†)

An Old Hebrew Stone Inscription from the City of David: A Trained Hand and a Remedial Hand on the Same Inscription (Christopher Rollston)

Squeezing Blood from a Stone: The Archaeological Context of the Incirli Inscription (Lynn Swartz Dodd)

Mesha’s ryt in the Context of Moabite and Israelite Bloodletting (Ziony Zevit)

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