2015. június 28., vasárnap

JANER 14 (2014)

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Issue 1

The Identity and Function of Ugaritic Shaʿtiqatu: A Divinely Made Apotropaic Figure (Theodore J. Lewis)

Grieving with the Moon: Pantheon and Politics in The Lunar Eclipse (John Z. Wee)

Priests, Pollution and the Demonic: Evaluating Impurity in the Hebrew Bible in Light of Assyro-Babylonian (Isabel Cranz)

The Semantics of Purity in the Ancient Near East: Lexical Meaning as a Projection of Embodied Experience (Yitzhaq Feder)

The Tree of Life in Ancient Egypt and the Book of Proverbs (William R. Osborne)

Issue 2

Aštata: A Case of Hittite Imperial Religious Policy (Alfonso Archi)

The Material Culture of Hittite ‘God-drinking’ (Y. Heffron)

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