2015. június 23., kedd

Call for papers

Liége-ben Time and Space in Ancient Egypt címmel konferenciát rendeznek 2016. jún. 9-11 között.
Részletek a kiírás szövegéből:

The objective of this conference will be to treat the interactions between space and time in a more systematic way and to put into perspective the points already considered in former studies. It will aim to give a general overview of the status quaestionis, take stock of the situation of the current researches and open up new prospects for further researches. A better knowing of the Egyptians’ conception of space and time, of the way they made them interact with each other will enable us to understand ever more deeply the several aspects of this culture. This is the reason why this conference will have a strong interdisciplinary dimension. It will be organised around four main axes: linguistics, philology, iconography and beliefs.
For these four axes, the following themes have been selected:

lexicon and metaphors ; iconicity
philology, narratology
texts from the ideology vs. texts from the vernacular : time and space of the gods vs. time and space of the humans
figurative representations
religious and funerary beliefs

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