2014. október 9., csütörtök

Journal of Egyptian History 7/1 (2014)

A tartalom:

M. Campagno: Patronage and other logics of social organization in Ancient Egypt during the IIIrd millennium BC

J. González-Tablas Nieto: Quarrying Beautiful Bekhen Stone for the Pharaoh: The exploitation of Wadi Hammamat in the reign of Amenemhat III

A. van der Perre: The Year 16 Graffito of Akhenaten in Dayr Abū Ḥinnis. A Contribution to the Study of the Later Years of Nefertiti

G. Miniaci: The collapse of faience figurine production at the end of the Middle Kingdom: reading the history of an epoch between Postmodernism and Grand Narrative

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