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JARCE 49 (2013)

A tartalomból:

The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor and the Rite of Passage (Eltayeb Abbas)

The Treasure of Harage (Robert Steven Bianchi)

Two Late New Kingdom or Early Third Intermediate Period Hieratic Graffiti in the Temple of Khonsu at Karnak (Richard Jasnow, Christina Di Cerbo)

Pedesi, a Chamberlain of the Divine Adoratress (Cairo CG 670 and JE 37031) (Dina Metawi)

Between a Tomb and a Hard Place: Tomb Inscriptions as a Source of Historical Information (Violaine Chauvet)

An Eighteenth Dynasty Writing Board (Ashmolean 1948.91) and The Hymn to the Nile (Fredrik Hagen)

The Writing Hand and the Seated Baboon: Tension and Balance in Statue MMA 29.2.16 (Niv Allon)

New Kingdom Graffiti in Dahshur, Pyramid Complex of Senwosret III: Preliminary Report. Graffiti Uncovered in Seasons 1992–2010 (Hana Navrátilová)

Two Names, One Compound: The rwd anxw itn and the Sunshade of Re at Kom el-Nana (Jacquelyn Williamson)

Un cas de fabrication collective à Saqqâra ? La table d’offrandes de Setjou (Rémi Legros)

The Stela of Hdrwt and Her Two Late Husbands from the Middle Kingdom: Cairo CG 20105 (Rasha Metawi)

A Fragment from the Reign of Tausret Reused at Medinet Habu (J. Brett McClain, W. Raymond Johnson)

Die Gans mit dem scharfen Blick. Zusätzliche Bemerkungen zum Hintergrund des Schülervergleichs in pLansing 3, 5–8 (Stefan Bojowald)

An Unusual Group of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris Figures: Some Reflections on Typology and Provenance (Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo)

The Gendered Individual in Funerary Papyri of the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods (Emily Cole)

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