2014. június 15., vasárnap


Gregorio del Olmo Lete: Incantations and Anti-Witchcraft Texts from Ugarit. With a contribution by Ignacio Márquez Rowe. SANER 4. Boston/Berlin

L. Milano, M. Lebeau (eds.): Tell Beydar. Environmental and Technical Studies II. Subartu 33. Turnhout

Paul J. Kosmin: The Land of the Elephant Kings. Space, Territory, and Ideology in the Seleucid Empire. Harvard University Press

James A. Armstrong, Hermann Gasche: Mesopotamian Pottery: A Guide to the Babylonian Tradition in the Second Millennium B.CChicago

H. Gasche, N. Pons: Floraisons de l'art populaire. Les terres cuites de Tell ed-Der (Sippar-Amnanum). Neuchatel

Eduardo Torrecilla: Late Bronze Age Ekalte. Chronology, Society, and Religion of a Middle Euphrates TownSaarbrücken

M. Lebeau (ed.): Arcane Interregional. Ceramics. ARCANE Interregional 1. Turnhout

Marc Lebeau, Antoine Suleiman: Tell Beydar. The 2010 Season of Excavations and Architectural Restoration – A Preliminary Report. Subartu 34. Turnhout

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