2014. június 8., vasárnap

JAEI 6/2

The Worship of Isis and Serapis in Nomentum (Rome): Some Epigraphic and Archaeological Evidence (Alessandra Colazilli)

Mycenaean and Cypriot Pottery from Gurob in the Manchester Museum Collection: A Test of Trade Network Theories for The New Kingdom Fayum (Valentina Gasperini, University of Liverpool)

The War of Sennacherib Against Egypt as Described in Herodotus II 141 (Dan’el Kahn)

Notes on the Mediterranean and Red Sea Ships and Ship Construction from Sahure to Hatshepsut (Samuel Mark)

Scarab-Stamped Impressions and Weaving at Middle Bronze Age Tell Dothan (Adam E. Miglio)

Leather And Skin as Markers of Early Exchanges Between Western Asia and Egypt? (Christian de Vartavan)

The Indo-Asiatic Origin of Gas, The Ancient Egyptian Name for the Wild Sugar Cane (Saccharum Spontaneum L.) (Christian de Vartavan)

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