2014. május 26., hétfő

Tel Aviv 41/1 (2014)

A tartalom:

Notes on the Iron IIA Settlement in Jerusalem in Light of Excavations in the Northwest of the City of David
(Doron Ben-Ami)

The Early Bronze Age Remains atTell eṣ-Ṣāfi/Gath: An Interim Report
(Itzhaq Shai et al.)

Dating the Emergence of Historical Israel in Light of Recent Developments in Egyptian Chronology
(Malcolm H. Wiener)

Tracking Down Cult: Production, Function and Content of Chalices in Iron Age Philistia
(Yuval Gadot et al.)

When Did the Shephelah Become Judahite?
(Gunnar Lehmann - Hermann Michael Niemann)

The Jacob Story and the Formation of Biblical Israel
(Nadav Na’aman)

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