2013. augusztus 24., szombat

Folyóirathírek / Journal news

Le Journal des Médecines Cunéiformes 22 (2013)

A tartalom (magyar szerzővel!)

Ulrike Steinert: Fluids, rivers, and vessels: metaphors and body concepts in Mesopotamian gynaecological texts

Krisztián Simkó: The abrasive stone in Assyrian and Babylonian Medicine

Journal for Semitics 22/1 (2013)

A tartalomból:

L. Wessels: An analysis of the extent to which the Trickster archetype can be applied to the goddess Inanna/Ishtar

S.J. Claassens-van Wyk: Old Babylonian Nippur solutions between beneficiaries in a deceased estate division agreement

R.M. van Dijk: Bull-leaping in the ancient Near East

M. Mondriaan: Influence of Ugarit on the understanding of the Hebrew Bible

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