2013. augusztus 28., szerda

Luvi tanulmánykötet / Luwian papers

Egy erősen eklektikus könyv (konferenciakötet), félrevezető címmel, de sok anatóliai tanulmánnyal (s némi görögös ki/betekintéssel):

A. Mouton - I. Rutherford - I. Yakubovich (eds.):
Luwian Identities. Culture, Language and Religion Between Anatolia and the Aegean. CHANE 64. Leiden

Introduction (A. Mouton, I. Rutherford and I. Yakubovich)

I. Present state of the Luwian studies

Luwian Hieroglyphs, “Luwians versus Hittites” (J. David Hawkins)

Peoples and Maps – Nomenclature and Definitions (Stephen Durnford)

II. Luwian communities of Central Anatolia

Names on Seals, Names in Texts. Who Were These People? (Mark Weeden)

Anatolian Names in wiya- and the Structure of Empire Luwian Onomastics (Ilya Yakubovich)

Luwian Words in Hittite Festivals (Susanne Görke)

CTH 767.7 – The Birth Ritual of Pittei: Its Occasion and the Use of Luwianisms (Mary Bachvarova)

‘Luwian’ Religious Texts in the Archives of Hattusa (Daliah Bawanypeck)

The Luwian Cult of the Goddess Huwassanna vs. Her Position in the ‘Hittite State Cult’ (Manfred Hutter)

III. Luwian culture in South-Eastern Anatolia

A Luwian Shrine? The Stele Building at Kilise Tepe (Nicholas Postgate and Adam Stone)

A New Luwian Rock Inscription from Kahramanmaraş (Meltem and Metin Alparslan)

Carchemish Before and After 1200 BC (Sanna Aro)

IV. Luwian and Luwic groups of Western Anatolia

James Mellaart and the Luwians: A Culture-(Pre)history (Christoph Bachhuber)

The Cultural Development of Western Anatolia in the Third and Second Millennia BC and its Relationship with Migration Theories (Deniz Sarı)

Luwian Religion, a Research Project: The Case of ‘Hittite’ Augury (Alice Mouton and Ian Rutherford)

Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Western Anatolia: Long Arm of the Empire or Vernacular Tradition(s)? (Rostislav Oreschko)

Greek (and our) Views on the Karians (Alexander Herda)

V. Cultural contacts between Luwian or Luwic groups and the Aegean

Divine Things: Ivories from the Artemision and the Luwian Identity of Ephesos (Alan Greaves)

Iyarri at the Interface: the Origins of Ares (Alexander Millington)

Singers of Lazpa: Reconstructing Identities on Bronze Age Lesbos (Annette Teffeteller)

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