2012. november 19., hétfő


Ókori keleti és egyiptológiai tanulmányok egy régészeti konferencia kötetéből:

Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis - Athanasia Kanta - Angeliki Giannikouri (szerk.): Athanasia. The Earthly, the Celestial, and the Underworld in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze and the Early Iron Age. International Archaeological Conference, Rhodes 2009. Iraklio, 2012

Çiğdem Maner: A Comparative Study of Hittite and Mycenaean Fortification Architecture

Kostas Georgakopoulos: A Note on a Hittite Bull-Leaping Scene and its Minoan Perspectives

Panagiotis Kousoulis: Egyptian vs. Otherness and the Issue of Acculturation in the Egyptian Demonic Discourse of the Late Bronze Age

Efthymios Lazongas: Gates and Pillars of Heaven. The Architectural Structure of Cosmos in Greek, Egyptian and Near Eastern Tradition and Art

Konstantinos Kopanias: Paradise Lost. The Image of the Netherworld in the Near East

Athanasia Kanta: A Minoan Version of the Djed Pillar and Other Borrowed Ideas About the Afterlife in the Cretan Late Bronze Age

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