2012. november 1., csütörtök

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Sacha Stern: Calendars in Antiquity. Empires, States, and Societies. Oxford

A tartalom:

Part I: From city states to great empires: the rise of the fixed calendars
1: Calendars of ancient Greece
2: The Babylonian calendar
3: The Egyptian calendar
4: The rise of the fixed calendars: Persian, Ptolemaic, and Julian calendars

Part II: The empires challenged and dissolved: calendar diversity and fragmentation
5: Fragmentation: Babylonian and Julian calendars in the Near East, 3rd century BCE 7th century CE
6: Dissidence and subversion: Gallic, Jewish, and other lunar calendars in the Roman Empire
7: Sectarianism and heresy: from Qumran calendars to Christian Easter controversies

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