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Fs. Van Lerberghe

The Ancient Near East, A Life!
Festschrift Karel Van Lerberghe
Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 220
Editors: Boiy T., Bretschneider J., Goddeeris A., Hameeuw H., Jans G., Tavernier J.
Leuven, Peeters, 2012

Kathleen Abraham - Uri Gabbay: Expenditures by the gu-za-lá Official at Maskan-sapir from the Time of Rim-Sin of Larsa

Michel al-Maqdissi - Eva Ishaq:: Notes d’archéologie levantine XXXIII: Tête d’un dignitaire en basalte de Tell Sakka

Tom Boiy: The Birth of an Era

Joachim Bretschneider et al.: The ‘Ochre’ Room: Shedding Some Light on a ‘Dark’ Period of Transition. Tell Tweini in the Early Iron Age

Guy Bunnens: Sealing Practices at Neo-Assyrian Til Barsib. Cylinders – Stamps – Sissiktu – Seal Box

Dominique Charpin: Une lettre d’un roi inconnu: Nouvelles données sur le début du règne de Zimri-Lim

Petr Charvat: Uruk mater urbium: The Sign URU in Proto-Cuneiform Writing

Geert de Breucker: Berossos’ Babyloniaca: Purposes and Interpretations

Patrick Degryse et al.: Lead Isotopic Analysis of Copper Alloy Artifacts from Tell Tweini. Changing Ore Sources from the Early Bronze Age to the Iron Age?

Elena Devecchi: The Amarna Letters from Hatti. A Palaeographic Analysis

An de Vos: Remarks on Equative and Comparative Degree in Hittite and Akkadian

Manfried Dietrich: The Chaldeans. The Leading People in Babylonian History and Historiography during the First Half of the First Millennium BCE

Jean-Marie Durand: Vengeance d’un exilé

Gertrud and Walter Farber: The “Gibson Collection” at the Oriental Institute, Chicago

Alhena Gadotti - Alexandra Kleinerman: Unfulfilled Destinies. Yet again on the Old Babylonian Sumerian
Scribal Curriculum

Anne Godderis: Sealing in Old Babylonian Nippur

Elynn Gorris: The Clay Rattles from Tell Tweini (Syria) and their Contribution to the Musical Tradition of the Ancient Near East

Eric Gubel: Episème de bouclier ou égide (sam’alite?) à inscription ouest sémitique

Hendrik Hameeuw: 1947: Two Tablets as a Christmas Gift to a Leuven Assyriologist

Caroline Janssen:  The Guard Who Molested Gentlemen… A Letter ana awile, from the Ur-Utu Archive

Theo J. H. Krispijn: An Old-Babylonian Version of the Tribute List

Marc Lebeau - Marie-Eve Sténuit: The Restoration of Temple D at Tell Beydar/Nabada (Field N, Seasons 2004 and 2005)

René Lebrun - Jan Tavernier: Deux objets inscrits de Tell Tweini

Edward Lipinski: Dagan, the Master of Ploughing

Elena Marinova et al.: Middle Bronze Age Ritual, Subsistence and Environment at Tell Tweini Inferred from Bioarchaeological Evidence

Valérie Matoian: Images de faïence de Tell Tueini et de Ras Shamra (Syrie)

Paolo Matthiae: Une nouvelle image de l’Ishtar eblaitu paléosyrienne

Rudolf H. Mayr: Seal Impressions on Administrative Tags from the Reign of Su-Amurru

Piotr Michalowski - Gary Beckman: The Promulgation of the Name of the Third Year of Rim-Anum of Uruk

Hans Neumann: Einige neusumerische Texte aus Umma über (Opfer-)Lieferungen (sá-du11)

David I. Owen: Three Early Old Babylonian Accounts

Jeroen Poblome: Word versus Dirt. History and Archaeology Applied to Proto-Historical Sagalassos

Alexander Pruss: A Closure Ritual at Tell Beydar?

Mervyn E. J. Richardson: Baring the Essentials of a Dictionary: Some Precursors of CDA

Arlette Roobaert: Libbali-Sharrat or Naqia? On Queens Portrayed on Assyrian Reliefs

Saraa Saleh: The Ancient Theatres of Syria in their Regional Setting

Jack M. Sasson: ‘Nothing So Swift As Calumny’: Slander and Justification at the Mari Court

Antoon Schoors: The Ambiguity of Enjoyment in Qoheleth

Johanna Spaey: The Secret of Gilgamesh

Marten Stol: Renting the Divine Weapon as a Prebend

Michel Tanret: Of Wills and Bills… On Inherited Debts in the Ur-Utu Archive

Véronique van der Stede: De l’usage des figurines et statuettes anthropomorphes dans les sépultures du Bronze ancien et moyen en Syrie

Wim van Neer - Bea de Cupere: Bird Feathers for Ceremonial Use in Hellenistic Times at Tell Beydar, Syria?

Klaas R. Veenhof: An Old Babylonian Lawsuit on the Property of a Priestess

Juan-Pablo Vita: The Scribal Exercise RS 16.265 from Ugarit in its Near-Eastern Context

Caroline Waerzeggers: Happy Days: The Babylonian Almanac in Daily Life

Tony J. Wilkinson - Emma Cunliffe: The Archaeological Landscape of the Tell Beydar Region: An Update Using Satellite Imagery

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