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Ancient and Modern Contexts of Egyptian Art

Art and Society. Ancient and Modern Contexts of Egyptian Art
Proceedings of the International Conference held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 13-15 May 2010. Edited by Katalin Anna Kóthay.
Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts, 2012

A tartalom:

Discourses about Works of Art in Ancient and Modern Times (Maya Müller)

Theban Tomb Graffiti during the New Kingdom. Research on the Reception of Ancient Egyptian Images by Ancient Egyptians (Alexis Den Doncker)

Egyptian Pyramids in an East European Landscape (Joachim Śliwa)

Interaction of Three-dimensional and Two-dimensional Art (Helmut Satzinger)

The ‘Four Schools of Art’ of Senwosret I. Is it Time for a Revision? (David Lorand)

Handmade Terracotta Figurines with Hands Secured behind the Backs. The Potential Use of an Art Historical Method in the Research of Egyptian Minor Arts (Máté Petrik)

Privatplastik im Wandel der Zeiten. Skulpturen als Kunsthistorisches Bildmedium (Edith Bernhauer)

Kunst und Gesellschaft in der Libyerzeit. Beobachtungen an Königsstatuen der Dritten Zwischenzeit (Helmut Brandl)

Stratégie d’épure et stratégie d’appogiature dans les productions dites « artistiques » à l’usage des dominants. Le papyrus dit « érotique » de Turin et la mise à distance des dominés (Pascal Vernus)

„Eine Frage des Geschmacks“ – Anmerkungen zur Grabdekoration auf dem Teti-Friedhof von Saqqara (Gabriele Pieke)

Hierarchy of Women within Elite Families. Iconographic Data from the Old Kingdom (Vera Vasiljević)

Theban Tomb Painting during the Reign of Amenhotep II (1427–1400 BC). Investigation into an Artistic Creation in its Historical and Sociocultural Context (Maruschka Gathy)

Behind the Mirror. Art and Prestige in Kha’s Funerary Equipment (Marcella Trapani)

‘The Bull Coming out of the Mountain’. The Changing Context and Connotations of an Iconographic Motif (Éva Liptay)

sS qdwt – The Attestations from the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period (Danijela Stefanović)

Tracking Ancient Egyptian Artists, a Problem of Methodology. The Case of the Painters of Private Tombs in the Theban Necropolis during the Eighteenth Dynasty (Dimitri Laboury)

Pour une approche matérielle et expérimentale de la peinture thébaine (Hugues Tavier)

Thebanische Totenstelen der 3. Zwischenzeit. Zur ihrer Produktion und Verwendung 
(Marc Loth)

The Gamhud Artisans (Katalin Anna Kóthay)

The Burial Ensemble of Tasenet from Gamhud and the Ptolemaic. Coffin style in Northern Middle Egypt (Gábor Schreiber)

Imitation of Materials in Ancient Egypt (Manuela Gander)

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