2012. április 28., szombat

JNES 71/1 (2012)

A tartalomból (a számos könyvismertetés mellett):

The Ugu-mu Fragment from Hattuša/Boğazköy KBo 13.2 (Yoram Cohen)

Evidence for a Peripheral Language in a Neo-Assyrian Tablet from the Governor’s Palace in Tušhan (John MacGinnis)

Celestial Divination in Ugarit and Ancient Israel: A Reassessment (Jeffrey L. Cooley)

The End of the Neo-Babylonian Empire: New Data Concerning Nabonidus’s Order to Send the Statues of Gods to Babylon (Stefan Zawadzki)

Water in Ancient Anatolian Religions: An Archaeological and Philological Inquiry on the Hittite Evidence (Yiğit Erbil, Alice Mouton)

King Qubādh and Mazdak (Moshe Gil)

About eni, the Hurrian Word for ‘God’ (Arnaud Fournet)

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