2012. április 1., vasárnap

First International Chariot Conference

Az év végén egy nagyon izgalmasnak ígérkező konferenciára kerül sor Kairóban a Holland-Flamand Intézetben, el ne mulassza, ki épp arra jár. Ide kirakom a programot, a pontos információk és az absztraktfüzet letölthető innen.

First International Chariot Conference
2012. november 30. - december 2.

November 30.

19.00 Joost Crouwel: Studying the Six Chariots from the Tomb of Tutankhamun (key-note lecture)

December 1.

09.30 Salima Ikram: The ‘Tano’ Chariot and the Egyptian Museum Chariot Project

10.00 André J. Veldmeijer: The ‘Tano’ Chariot: The Near Complete Leatherwork from an Ancient Egyptian Chariot

10.30 Lucy Skinner: Conservation of an Ancient Egyptian Chariot Cover: Its Secrets Revealed

11.30 Silvia Prell: The Workshops of the Chariotry of Qantir-Piramesse

12.00 Edwin C. Brock: A Possible Chariot Canopy for Tutankhamun

12.30 Bela Sandor: Chariots’ Inner Dynamics: Springs and Rotational Inertias

14.30 Heidi Köpp: The Chariot as a Mode of Locomotion in Civil Contexts

15.00 Lorraine Evans: Assessing the Symbiotic Relationship between the War Chariot and the Composite Bow in Ancient Egyptian Warfare

15.30 Samantha L. Cook: Cultural Implications of the Chariot and Composite Bow in New Kingdom Egypt

16.30 Arianna Sacco: The Depiction of Chariots on Wall Reliefs in New Kingdom Egypt and Neo-Assyrian Empire

17.00 Lisa Sabbahy: Gendering Chariot Use in New Kingdom Egypt

17.30 Hermann Genz: The Introduction of the Light, Horse-Drawn Chariot and the Role of Archery in the Near East. At the Transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Ages: Is there a Connection?

December 2.

09.00 Mattia Raccidi: The 3rd Millenium BC Chariots in Syria: A Study through the Documentation

09.30 Bilcan Gökce, Kenan Işik, Hatice Değirmencioğlu: On Urartian Chariots

10.00 Yukiko Sasada: An Alternative Theory for ‘Bit-Wear’ found on the Second Premolar Teeth of the Buhen Horse

10.30 Fernando Quesada-Sanz: Physical Limits of Horses and Men and the Military Employment of Light Chariots in the Near Eastern Late Bronze Age

11.30 Roberto Díaz Hernández: The Role of the War Chariot in the Formation of the Egyptian Empire in the Early 18th Dynasty

12.00 Colleen Manassa: The Chariot that Plunders Foreign Lands: Paronomasia and Chariots in New Kingdom Literature

12.30 Ole Herslund: Chariots in the Daily Life of New Kingdom Egypt

13.00 Mohamed Raafat Abbas: The Diplomatic Role of the Charioteers in the Ramesside Period

15.00 Anthony Spalinger: The Role of the Egyptian Chariot Warrior

15.30 Ian Shaw: Ballistic Missiles and Electric Cars: The Differing Aims and Trajectories of Egyptian and Syro-Hittite Chariots

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