2012. február 25., szombat


Az isztambuli Koç Egyetem anatóliai kutatóközpontjának (Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations) szokásos tavaszi konferencia-sorozatában ezúttal is vannak blogunkhoz illeszkedő előadások:

İstiklal Caddesi 181, Merkez Han, Beyoğlu - İstanbul

Május 11. (16.00)
Geographical Boundaries and Cultural Frontiers: Fixed or Fluid Social Identities?
Commentator: Kutlu Aslıhan Yener

Bülent Arıkan: Remaining Afloat in Times of Crisis: Similarities and Disparities between the Northern Mesopotamian and the Southern Levantine Tribal Societies' Adaptations to Changing Climate in the Context of Fluid Social Organization

Emma Baysal: Spheres of Influence: Beads in Communication and Social Memory in the Anatolian Neolithic

Carlo Corti: Meaningful Places in Forgotten Lands. A Geographical and Cultural Reassessment of the Extreme Northern Borders of the Hittite Kingdom

Giulio Palumbi: Ceramics on the move? Pastoralism, Identity and Cultural Frontiers in Eastern Anatolia during the Early Bronze Age

Május 25. (16.00)
Think Global, Act Local: Material Interaction and Integration in the Mediterranean World in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages
Commentator: Aslı Özyar

Lynn Welton: Local Production in a World of Interdependent Consumption: A Petrographic Case Study from the Amuq Plain

Rik Vaessen: Global Interaction or Local Creativity? The case of Pictorial Pottery on Cyprus and in the Eastern Aegean at the Beginning of the 12th Century B.C.

Alexander Vacek: Greek Pottery Production and Foreign Markets: An Interdependent Relation? The Evidence from Al Mina

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