2012. január 21., szombat

A Birodalom után

Végre egy izgalmas könyv, ide is iktatom a tartalmát:

Karl Strobel (szerk.): Empires after the Empire: Anatolia, Syria and Assyria after Suppiluliuma II (ca. 1200-800/700 B.C.). Eothen 17. Firenze, 2011.

Mario Fales, Transition: The Assyrians at the Euphrates between the 13th and 12th century BC;

Federico Manuelli, Malatya – Melid between the Late Bronze and the Iron Age. Continuity and Change at Arslantepe during the 2nd and 1st Millennium BC: Preliminary Observations on the Pottery Assemblages;

Anacleto D’Agostino, The Upper Khabur and Upper Tigris Valleys between the End of the Late Bronze Age and the Beginning of the Iron Age: An Assessment of the Archaeological Evidence (Settlement Paterns and Pottery Assemblages);

Fabrizio Venturi, The North Syrian Plateau Before and After the Fall of the Hittite Empire: New Evidence from Tell Afis;

Karl Strobel, The Crucial 12th Century BC: The ‘Fall of Empires’ Revisited;

Kay Kohlmeyer, Building Activities and Architectural Decoration in the 11th Century BC. The Temples of Taita, King of Padasatini/Palistin in Aleppo and 'Ain Dārā;

Simonetta Ponchia, Patterns of Relationships in the Syro-Hittite Area;

Onofrio Carruba, Die Gliederung des Anatolischen und der erste indoeuropäische Name der Anatolier

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