2011. október 30., vasárnap

Iraq 73 (2011)

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Jason Ur, Philip Karsgaard and Joan Oates: The spatial dimensions of early Mesopotamian urbanism: The Tell Brak suburban survey, 2003–2006

Carlo Colantoni and Jason Ur: The architecture and pottery of a late third-millennium residential quarter at Tell Hamoukar, north-eastern Syria

David Kertai: Kalhu’s palaces of war and peace: Palace architecture at Nimrud in the ninth century bc

Joshua Jeffers: Fifth-campaign reliefs in Sennacherib’s “Palace Without Rival” at Nineveh

M. P. Streck and N. Wasserman: Dialogues and riddles: Three Old Babylonian wisdom texts

Grégory Chambon and Eleanor Robson: Untouchable or unrepeatable? The upper end of the Old Babylonian metrological systems for capacity and area

Nicholas Postgate: Making tablets or taking tablets? tuppa/u sabatu in Assyria

Uri Gabbay: A fragment of a Sumerian lament: BM 65463, Tablet XI of the balag úru àm-ma-ir-ra-bi

Jan Keetman: Eine als Ziqqurrat gedeutete Skizze einer Treppenanlage

Stephanie Rost and Abdulamir Hamdani: Traditional dam construction in modern Iraq: A possible analogy for ancient Mesopotamian irrigation practices

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