2015. április 6., hétfő


Újabb CDLN-cikkek (magyar szerzővel!):

Armando Bramanti, A Jemdet Nasr Fragment in the Collections of the. CDLN 2015:004.

Troels Pank Arbøll, A curious Ur III Tablet at the University of Copenhagen: Notes on the History of Pinches’ Collection and an Official named Abbagina. CDLN 2015:005

Klaus Wagensonner, A legal text at the Russell Library, Maynooth University. CDLN 2015:006.

Strahil V. Panayotov, The tablet of the Middle Assyrian ‘coronation’ ritual: the placement of VAT 10113 and the displacement of VAT 9978. CDLN 2015:007.

Gábor Zólyomi, Ashm 1924-478: a new ms. of the “The temple hymns” (ETCSL 4.80.1). CDLN 2015:008.

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