2015. február 20., péntek

Textilek innen-onnan

Mary Harlow, Cécile Michel, Marie-Louise Nosch: Prehistoric, Ancient Near Eastern & Aegean Textiles and Dress: An Interdisciplinary Anthology. Oxford, 2015

A tartalomból:

Richard Firth. Textiles Texts of the Lagash II Period

Ariane Thomas, Searching for lost costumes. A few remarks about the royal costume in Ancient Mesopotamia focusing on the Amorite Kingdom of Mari 

Matteo Vigo, Giulia Baccelli, Benedetta Bellucci, Elements for a Comparative Study of Textile Production and Consumption in the Hittite Anatolia and Its Neighbours

Valentina Gasbarra, Textile Semitic Loanwords in Mycenaean as Wanderwörter

Agnès Garcia-Ventura, Constructing masculinities through textile production in the Ancient Near East

Caroline Sauvage, Spindles and Distaffs: Late Bronze and Early Iron Age eastern Mediterranean use of solid and tapered ivory/bone shafts

Salvatore Gaspa Golden Decorations in Assyrian Textiles: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Louise Quillien, Flax and Linen in the First Millennium Babylonia BCE: Origins, Craft Industry and Uses of a Remarkable Textile

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