2014. július 28., hétfő

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Anatolian Studies 64 (2014):

Samantha Lee Allcock, Neil Roberts: Changes in regional settlement patterns in Cappadocia (central Turkey) since the Neolithic: a combined site survey perspective

K. Serdar Girginer, Dominique Collon: Cylinder and stamp seals from Tatarlı Höyük

Christina Bouthillier et al.: Further work at Kilise Tepe, 2007-2011: refining the Bronze to Iron Age transition


Israel Finkelstein, Thomas Römer: Comments on the Historical Background of the Abraham Narrative. Between “Realia” and “Exegetica”. Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel 3/1 (2014)

E. H. Reynolds, J. V. Kinnier Wilson: Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon. Brain (2014)

J. MacGinnis et al.: Artifacts of Cognition: the use of clay tokens in a Neo-Assyrian provincial administration.
Cambridge Archaeological Journal 24/1 (2014)

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