2012. június 21., csütörtök

JAEI 4/2 (2012)

A tartalomból:

Alexander Ahrens: News from an old excavation: two hitherto unnoticed measure capacity signs on an Egyptian stone vessel of the Middle Kingdom from Royal Tomb II at Byblos.

Vanessa Boschloos: Late Bronze Age cornelian and red jasper scarabs with cross designs. Egyptian, Levantine, or Minoan?

Christopher B. Hays: An Egyptian loanword in the book of Isaiah and the Deir 'Alla inscription: Heb. nṣr, Aram. nqr, and Eg. nṯr as "(divinized) corpse"

Yosef Mizrachy: The Eighth Campaign of Thutmose III Revisited

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